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  Financial Support:

Designed to help parents and students uncover "Hidden" money available to assist with college costs.
Michigan Education Association

Using the information provided, I gained $5,700 in only a half-hour session!
Freshman College Student, LA, CA

"We make over $100,000 per year and thought we could not qualify for aid for our daughter's college education. The information for Financing College helped us to obtain over $15,000 a year in grants and aid for our daughter to attend a private university!"
Parent, College Bound Student, Bakersfield, CA

"Saved me thousands of dollars in college financing for my two daughters and one son,"
High School Teacher and Parent, Kansas City, KS

"With the information we gained, we were able to send our son Bill to UCLA with over $23,000 in scholarships and aid."
Parent, College Bound Student, Los Angeles, CA

Again, I would like to thank you for the awesome opportunity to save so much money in our college expenses, not to mention the time saved as well!
Parent, College Bound Student, Fayetteville, GA

  High School and Educational Professionals have said:

"Fantastic, what a help for High School Counselors and Parents"
Michigan Counselors Association

"These people certainly know their business! I can highly recommend this program."
Senior Counselor, U.S. Small Business Administration

"ANYONE who has kids and college in their future should attend this event", "Extremely Valuable Information", "Great Overview to an Important Subject."
Comments from Directors and Members of:  THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION

"Your program is great!  In fact, I am going us it with parents of 11th/12th graders that we are working with"
Program Director, Nationally Recognized Huntington Testing and Learning Centers

"In my opinion, presented the best and most comprehensive information on what is required for admission, financial options and scholarships, that is on the market today."
Parent of High School Student and Teacher, South Lyon, MI

"A wealth of information is given in as simple and straight forward a manner as possible.  This is a very valuable resource..."
Counselor - Director of Information, Franklin High School, MI

"I have been doing this 25 years, this is the best, most organized program I have ever seen on College Admissions and Financing."
High School Senior Guidance Counselor, Fayetteville, GA

 "This is the best presentation I have heard in 13 years of high school counseling. I would strongly recommend that public libraries have this for their patrons."
High School Guidance Counselor, Milford, MI

The College Options Foundation program is invaluable.  My parents, school teachers and counselors keep pushing me to get started on the college path but it is hard to know how, why, where and what to do.  This program has gathered the information and placed it in a format I can follow. 
HS Sophomore, WA State

"Outstanding! The program is unique, and consists of a complete package that puts together all available college financing options for students, beginning in the 9th Grade." 
Director, Youth Ministries, Fresno, CA

Reports from News Media:

"College Options Foundation, experts in the financial aid process, can show people that make over $100,00 a year how to find financial aid money."
WXYZ-TV, ABC Detroit, MI

Well-presented, easy to understand and a must for every family…

There is a plethora of how-to-pay for college books, Web Sites  and videos on the market, some good, some not so good.  One great how-to-program is "The Complete Guide to Financing College". 

This program is a value at any price, it helps you understand the process, and that's the only way to find money for college.  This is a great investment in your future.

"I have been involved in both the college and high school environment with thousands of schools for over 35 years and I believe this program is truly revolutionary. This is the best, most comprehensive product I have ever seen . . . they are going to save a lot of people a lot of time and money, help them stay in school and change lives . . . this is an incredible tool."
Richard Reid, President: TV’s "The College Bowl"

Parents of Students, who are also Teachers Have Said:

"Thank you so much… You gave our son a much needed boost and gave him hope that all is not lost due to his low SAT scores. It looks like you and your programs have been an answer to our prayers."
Parent of College Bound Student, Peachtree City, GA

"In my opinion, presented the best and most comprehensive information on what is required for admission, financial options and scholarships that are on the market today."
Parent of a High School Student and Teacher

I thought I knew a lot about college admissions, costs, etc. but was very impressed with your presentation and program.  I am recommending them to all my friends, especially those with younger children. 
Parent of College Bound Sophomore, Atlanta, GA

High School Students Have Said:

The best resource I have ever used to help prepare me for college.
HS Junior, Boys State, IO.

All I can say is "WOW"!  What a revelation! ...It is definitely a quality product and I plan to share it with my friends, and classmates.
HS Junior, Boys State, WA

The claims made that this set will save hundreds of hours of time researching and thousands of dollars in college cost are absolutely true.  The easy to follow presentation builds up from even the most basic information ensuring that users of various interest levels will be able to absorb the information and find an academic institution with the right fit. 
HS Junior, Spokane, WA

Personally, I found this to be one of the best SAT preparation programs I have used. I would recommend this program to other students seeking help to boost their scores and understand the SAT Test.
Girls State Student, Junior, WA

It puts all of the College information I need in one place so that I can easily find it when I want to.
HS Junior, FL

Very helpful in preparing my family and me to make good decisions when applying to college.
HS Junior, Minneapolis, MN

I have never encountered such a complete guide to college. As a successful high school student, I only knew half of what this program presented to me.
HS Junior, Seattle, WA

I would definitely recommend this program to anybody that plans to attend any sort of college...It has definitely opened my eyes to the wide range of opportunities and paths that I can take.
Girls State Student, Junior, WA

"Broadened my knowledge on the college application process and gave me some great advice on month-by-month planning, scholarship sources, and military program education that I will put to good use in the coming months.  Thank you to Mr. Wilfong for this great program.
Boys State Junior, Bolder, CO

Incredibly helpful in its own way towards getting me thinking about what lies not far ahead. More than any one counselor could ever tell me, more than any one single website could show me.
Girls State, Junior, Spokane, WA

These DVD’s and programs, were a huge help for me and also to my parents in helping us understand how to prepare me for college.
HS Junior, Denver, CO

I found this program enormously useful. I have never encountered such a complete guide to college. As a successful high school student, I only knew half of what this program presented to me. 
Boys State Student, Seattle, WA

"After watching the DVD set, all I can say is thank you. This was an excellent guide for me to understand the college process, which is approaching quickly. Before seeing the Complete Guide to College Admissions and Financing, I was rather confused about college, especially on the admissions and scholarship subjects. But thanks to you, they are clear to me now and I am going go start the process of applying as soon as I finish writing you."
HS Junior, Chattanooga, TN

I feel much more confident about applying to and getting in to college! Before starting this program, I had planned on only applying to one college. Navigating through it was a breeze and it did not really feel like work because I was learning so much! I am definitely going to share this DVD with my friends so they can begin preparing for college too! 
HS Sophomore, Colorado Springs, CO

A great and informative resource, better than any ten books I have labored through on this subject. 
HS Junior, Pittsburgh, PA

"These programs have changed my life…there is clearly no other product out there on the market that will get you better prepared and equipped for college."
High School Student, Columbia, SC

I had no idea that so much aid existed or that I could raise money for myself!  
Girls State, Junior, WA

Informative and helped me to realize other aspects to research while searching for colleges...The program was easy to track and was fun to listen to and follow along. I would recommend this program to all potential college students. 
Girls State, Junior, Denver, CO

One of the best resources I have used in helping me prepare for college.  Not only did it give basic facts about college applications, scholarship, and financial aid, it provided links to other resources with more detailed and in depth information.  It has definitely helped to make the whole process of applying, preparing, and paying for college less puzzling.
Girls State Rep., Junior, WA

A critical tool in my college selection and application process. Coming into my senior year I was very nervous about applying for colleges. Everything I ever wanted to know is contained within this package. In fact it debunked 5 of my biggest questions within the first 20 minutes of watching and studying.
HS Junior, Seattle, WA.

I was impressed by the wealth of valuable information contained in the program. Using your system, I learned a number of important lessons pertaining to the college admissions process as well as the finances involved in such an endeavor.
HS Junior, Portland, OR

I can honestly say a big weight has been removed from my chest. Your program, shined light where there was darkness. I had no idea where to start for college, what to send, etc. and your program covers it all. Thank you so much for all the work you put into making it.
Boys State, Junior, Knoxville, TN

I have been researching all the information out there for so many months, finally "all-in-one" package. The programs helped me reorganize my plan regarding SATs, college visits, etc.
HS Junior, Girls State Rep, MI

Comments from Students on Interactive Guides and Games for SAT and ACT Test Preparation:

"The "Zero Hour Threat " game is a very engaging and interesting way to study for the ACT test . . . I have had other test prep materials but they were so uninteresting I found it challenging to actually use them; this prep game allows me to study without even feeling like it."
Jacob, Oregon High School Junior & 2010 HOBY (Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership) participant

Having already taken the SAT once in my sophomore year, I believe that this CD will be a key source in increasing my overall score to impress the college that I have my mind set on.
HS Student, PA

"The game asked great questions and had different levels of questions, just as the SAT and ACT have different levels of questions."
MacKenzie, High School Junior

"Provided me with many different viewpoints about college and my future. It has opened my eyes to possibilities and choices that I never knew were available to me."
HS Junior, WA State

Both impressive and informative.  This collection of programs taught me things about the college application process that I previously knew little or nothing about.   A feature that I really liked were the hyperlinks at the end of each lesson.  This allowed me to obtain more information on subjects that interested me.  I felt increasingly more comfortable and confident with the college admissions process, so much so that I am now actually looking forward to applying to different schools. Thank you very much for the opportunity, one which I will recommend to my friends. 
HS Junior, Gallinat, TX

The SAT/ACT Test Prep Game was a fun way to help prepare me for taking the ACT or SAT tests.   The approach allowed a person to learn information in a format much different from the normal way in which education is taught.  The Prep Game approach had you actually solving something and trying to beat the clock.  It did not just have you answering questions.  This proved to be a good tool to keep me involved in the information and inspired while learning at the same time.
Girls State Rep., MN

I learned so much from this, that I honestly cannot wait until I take the SAT again because I can honestly say that I know that I’m going to do better, even before I’ve taken it! 
Junior, Spokane, WA

"This proved to be a good tool to keep me involved in the information and inspired while learning at the same time."
Danielle, High School Junior and 2010 Girls’ State Participant

"…Contained an abundance of priceless hints, tips and recommendations that I will definitely use to improve my score when I retake the SAT."
High School Student, CA

Personally, I found this to be one of the best SAT preparation programs I have used. I would recommend this program to other students seeking help to boost their scores and understand the SAT Test.
Girls State Rep, WA

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