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College Options Services offers you an extensive array of award winning products and resources which provide any college bound student with the tools necessary for making your college dream a reality regardless of your backgrounds, skill level, or age. These products have been developed over the course of over 15 years and have proved useful to THOUSANDS of college bound students and their families.

We truly believe what we have to offer is second to none! But don’t take our word for it…check out what students, parents, teachers, High School Guidance Counselors, and Television stations have said about us on our Testimonials page. See each section below to learn about all of our products.

"The Complete Guide to College Financing and Admissions"© Guide

Complete GuideThis is an award winning and proven effective interactive program that takes all the guesswork out of the college admission and financing process. It includes a special emphasis on scholarships and supplies hundreds of related web links This guide covers many topics including how to:

  • Demonstrate winning interview skills
  • Understand the "packaging" process as it relates to financing college
  • Identify the basics of the financial aid process
  • Identify the scholarship options available, how and where to apply, and how to be selected to receive them
  • Recognize creative options and military options as they pertain to your individual needs
  • Apply a month-by-month "to do" list for planning the financing and admissions process
  • Distinguish the many military opportunities available for assisting in financing college
  • Understand how to succeed in college from freshman year to graduation

The "Student Planning Guide"©

Student Planning GuideOur Student Planning Guide:

  • Provides a month-by month plan of important steps involved in the entire process, beginning with the student’s freshman year, and culminating with senior graduation
  • Ensures that the student, their family, and the college coaches understand the college preparation steps involved in the process and enables them to work together in an informed, strategic way
  • Takes the guesswork out of the college preparation process
  • Was compiled by a team of professionals with over 36 years of combined college admission experience
  • Is a valuable "stress reducing" tool, helping to "smooth the way" for the college bound student and their family


Two "Essential Student Guides to the SAT-ACT e-Books" developed in conjunction with My College Options, Plus a Unique Peer Student Tutors videos 
(Truly cutting edge material!)

Essential GuidesThese e-books are designed to boost your test taking skills and confidence in taking the college entrance exams by providing:

  • The Only SAT-ACT preparation material in our nation, with embedded videos of peer student tutors, who took these tests, achieved high scores, and now provide specific instruction in a video format. (A truly creative and unique way to improve those test scores!)
  • Vital information about the nature and construction of the college entrance tests and about test registration
  • Tips for mastering the art of taking standardized tests, in general, and the SAT-ACT specifically
  • Formal instruction and tips for tackling test prep and taking the exams
  • Help for increasing your reading vocabulary and refreshing grammar skills
  • The student perspective on issues related to college entrance testing
  • Two three hour and forty-five minute practice tests complete with the correct answers provided and the rationale behind each of those responses
  • A brief bibliography of other resources to aid you in preparing for these tests

"Understanding Athletic Recruiting"©

The Understanding Athletic Recruiting Guide:Athletic Recruiting

  • Is designed to simplify the complicated process of the recruitment of student-athletes as they transition to college athletics
  • Was co-authored by two men who understand this process from the perspective of the student-athlete, the coaches, the family members, and the college as an institution
  • Equips the student-athlete to become his or her own best recruiter
  • Provides needed insight into an area where most student-athletes, their parents, and many high school counselors are not "well versed" in regards to the deadlines, normal college recruitment protocol, and how to navigate the recruitment system
  • Enlightens student-athletes and their parents in regards to how to obtain athletic scholarships
  • Encourages the student-athlete to balance their schoolwork, with their athletic college careers and how to achieve success as a student and as an athlete

"Zero Hour Threat" © SAT-ACT Vocabulary Test Prep Games I, II and III

Zero Hour Threat GamesWe thought that helping students prepare to take the ACT-SAT exams should be more fun, and our Zero Hour Threat games will do just that!

The result is the creation of two interactive award winning games entitled, "Zero Hour Threat I and II."

We’ve gotten great responses from students, as they build their math and vocabulary skills, while saving the planet! It has been proven to be successful for thousands of students…give it a try! You will not find anything to compare to this, anywhere! And, it’s designed to be used in conjunction with the review materials and questions and other tools in the My College Options Essential Guides to the SAT and the ACT guides.

"MyCollegeOptions"© Website

 This proprietary internet-based website offers a array of services for the college bound student and their family, including:

  • Information on college majors
  • Providing a student "profile" matching service, connecting students with perspective colleges
  • Information on career trends in the future
  • Articles that deal with a variety of topics pertaining to college life, from discussing parental roles in the admission process, to the latest in college cafeteria food
  • Scholarship search engines, and more!

After you have reviewed our interactive content on this website, which has been developed over the course of 15 years, you will have access to our team of professionals for the duration of your High School experience, with real time computer communication utilizing Skype, Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

We are here to serve you first!


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